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A 'Standard' or 'Simple' Will is suitable for straightforward situations and provides for a clear expression of your wishes of who should inherit and in what proportions. You can specify your Trustees / Executors, and, where necessary, your children's Guardians can be nominated. Specific and financial legacies can be detailed which could also include Charities. An age to inherit can be stipulated and your funeral wishes also detailled.

Asset Protection Will Trust

The Asset Protection Will Trust is suitable for couples who perhaps have been married previously, own their own house/houses, have brought separate assets to the new partnership and now wish to provide for each other, whilst ensuring that their own children and/or other close relatives benefit at the time of their death.

Agricultural and Business Asset Protection Trust

This may be suitable for those who own a farm or have other business interests. In certain circumstances owning agricultural and business assets can result in relief from Inheritance Tax. We are able to draft wills to include trusts to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived from any relief available.

Disabled or Incapacitated Dependant Will Trust

The Dependant Will Trust is suitable for those who have responsibility for incapacitated or disabled children or adults whom they may not wish to inherit directly on first or second death, but may wish assets to be held in Trust for a specific period.

Through accident, illness or advancing years, many people lose the ability to manage their own affairs. It is vital, therefore, in advance of any of the above situations arising, to appoint a trusted and reliable person, usually a close relative, to take decisions about your property and financial affairs as well as your personal welfare, should the need ever arise.

With an aging population and an ever increasing number of men and women requiring long term care, we are able to help you understand the rules and regulations regarding the payment of Local Authority care fees, providing effective solutions to protect your assets where possible.

The current 'Nil Rate Band' is £325,000 for a single person, and, depending on circumstances £650,000 for a married couple or civil partners. If your Estate exceeds these figures then your family or heirs would have to pay 40% tax on the excess. Steps can be taken to avoid paying this tax. For non-married couples, recent changes to legislation have not been beneficial. However, with our advice and the correct Estate Planning, non-married couples can benefit from the Inheritance Tax allowances enjoyed by their married counterparts.

This is a document in which we produce a set of instructions for medical practitioners who may be involved in your Care at a later stage. You may state, for example, that you do not want active medical intervention should you be suffering from a terminal or degenerative illness.

By deciding on the arrangements and paying for a funeral in advance, your peace of mind can be ensured knowing that loved ones will be spared unnecessary distress and expense at the time of need.

In the event of a death we can guide you through the process of winding up an Estate. This can involve a range of options from simple advice to arranging for the Executry "Confirmation" to be completed on your family's behalf.

Once documents have been signed it is imperative that the originals are stored safely. Storing your Wills and Title Deeds at home can be fraught with problems and can leave them vulnerable to damage or loss. We provide a document storage facility to keep these items safe and secure. For a nominal annual fee, your documents will be held safely until they are needed.